Education for Beginners

Education for Beginners

Education Trading Online for Forex... Read More

Forex Trading - Scalping Strategy

Scalping is a trading strategy with a lot of action and involves a number of entries and exits into and from the market taking profits a few pips at a time. These profits are typically anywhere... Read More

Forex trading: swing trading strategies

Swing traders who may hold a position for more than one day but will rarely hold positions in excess of one week. This is the trading style that is best suited to part time traders who work at other... Read More

Forex Trading - Popular Trading Indicators

Parabolic SAR This is an indicator which is used to establish the direction of price movement and pinpoint the time when the momentum of the movement has a reasonably high chance of changing... Read More

Forex Trading - More Scalping Strategies

  There are many strategies in scalping and one strategy that does not involve any prior knowledge of candlestick patterns is the Fibonacci levels scalping strategy. These levels are... Read More

Forecasting Changes In Currency Exchange Rates

Many people and companies involved with the Forex markets are interested in the direction of currency exchange rates. Making an accurate forecast to guide your investment decision making is important... Read More

Forex Trading - The Best Strategy And The Best Time

The best strategy   One of the most important things that Forex traders should understand the behavior of different markets is different and the trading edge therefore needs to be... Read More

Forex Trading - Trading On Breakouts

When the price breaks out of a specific trading range, the phenomenon is called a breakout. Breakouts can also happen when the price breaches a particular price level such as support and resistance... Read More

Forex Trading - Mechanical Trading

Mechanical traders are usually relative beginners in the Forex markets and their focus is on systems and not on time. After they have spent time on back testing strategies with historical data, they... Read More

Margins and Forex Trading

  Margins are important enough in Forex trading that you should know in some detail why they are important, how they are reckoned and the crucial role that they play in the use of leverage.... Read More

The Psychological Aspect of Forex Trading

  The importance of the mental aspects of Forex trading is clear from the sad demise of Long Term Capital Management. We are not referring to intellectual brilliance or the number of... Read More

Forex Trading - Day Trading Strategies

The most important characteristic of day trading is that no overnight positions are established and any trades that are executed during the day are unwound by the end of trading. Positions are... Read More

Forex Trading The Role Of Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves the study of currencies and currency markets on the basis of major economic reports which are commonly known as economic indicators. A classic example of fundamental... Read More

Forex Trading: Divergence Trading

If you are looking for a relatively low risk strategy to sell close to the top of a trend or buy close to the bottom, exit long positions profitably or execute a profitable short, you should be... Read More

Forex Trading - Position Trading

Position traders have the longest trading timeframes among the different categories of traders and, unlike scalpers, can hold positions for periods ranging from several weeks to several months. They... Read More

Forex Trading: Using Forex Signals

Forex signals are suggestions to the trader about entry and exit points at which trades may be initiated and they will generally contain recommendations about timing and price. For convenience, these... Read More

Some Common Concerns About Forex Trading

Pending orders   [caption id="attachment_296" align="alignright" width="300"] Learn before you start Forex trading.[/caption] A pending order is an order to initiate a position when the... Read More