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Are you interested in knowing how some are very luck to keep earning more than an average of 100.27% when it comes to monthly profits in forex trading? With the Complete Currency Trader program you will actually be able to replicate what most of the proficient traders in the world have been doing, without trying too hard.

The Complete Currency Trader is a program that was created by James Edward. It is based on the fact that a lucky few can get access to different kinds of training, tools, systems, and of course market knowledge. These together combine to help you in enhancing your skills so that not only do you excel as a trader, but also your finances improve. It is a program that has been created only for those who are motivated and want to attain success with dedication. You will be able to use the Complete Currency Trader membership club for getting the highest standards of education that will help you trade in Forex.

Who is it for?

This software works for those who are experienced in trading forex and even for novices. Basically, all the necessary information and details are provided and all that you need to do is follow the same. Based on analytical tools and modules, anyone from a housewife to an expert broker can now trade in forex for earning more money through this tool.

About James Edward

James EdwardThe CEO and Founder of Complete Currency Trader is James Edward. He has created a program that promises clever marketing strategies for dealing in different currencies. He has an impressive trade tracking record that most people would like to have. Using his personal experience over the years along with his own analytical skills that helped him earn more in Forex, he has created this software. He has been dealing with the big boys of Forex for a long time and now he has put together all of these skills for creating a new software that is aimed at reducing risks and help you generate more profits.

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What Do You Get For Your Money?

For starters, you will start getting experiencing first-hand the benefits of learning from an elite team of professional traders. Now a lot of people actually start getting alarming signals on reading about something like this, which is very natural. However, the only difference here is that this program has been created to live up to its claim and this is the reason that it is fast getting popular too. Now all that you have to do is cue up the time to get familiar with the program and understand the simplicity of its working along with the different modules provided. Complete Currency Trader

Module 1

Currency Strength Indicator

Using this indicator, the software helps in measuring up the individual currency strengths and weakness. As a result of this, you will get an indicator that will permit you to evaluate and analyze the Forex market for different currencies along with their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Module 2

Compounding Calculator

Are you worried about how much you will be earning with the software. Using this calculator you will get an estimated account of the kind of profit that you can expect along with the numbers on the profits that are reinvested to compound. Even the growth rate for your account is viewable and thus you can withdraw some profits as income. All that needs to be done is provide the calculator with account start balance along with percentage growth and amount you would want to withdraw. The Start Balance, along with Percentile Returns, details of Income/Withdrawal and even the Depth of Results would all be provided to you.

Module 3

PIP Value Calculator

Using this calculator, you will get an estimate on what each pip is worth. Along with this, you will also get details on the account denominated currency. All that needs to be done is to input the currency pair that is being traded, along with position size opened (or if you are considering one), OFFER (ask) price, along with the currency that you want the pip value expressed in. Then simply press on the “Calculate” button and the worth of each one would be provided to you.

Module 4

Streak Probability Calculator

With this calculator, you will get all the details related to trading in series, which is basically the number of trades in a year, week or month. Along with his, the details of lengths of the streaks, loss probabilities (possible risks that are provided in decimals) and even chance of occurrences (which is basically the probability of getting steak at some point as you trade more) are provided.

Module 5

Drawdown Calculator

Using this calculator, you will get complete details on how much your account will lose post the “x” number of losing trades. This calculation will be done making use of fixed percentage risk per trade. For instance, one can also check out the rate of the successive losing trades, and then you will get an estimated idea on what it would take to lose half your account balance in the case of risking 1% on every trade. For this, you will simply have to provide the account start balance along with risk percentile.

Module 6

Position Size Calculator

Using the Position Size Calculatoryou will be able to calculate the amount of currency that will help in either buying or selling, so that you can stay in the limit of your preferred risk parameters. For using this calculator, you have to provide the currency the existing account is denominated in, balance of the account, percentile willing to risk and the currency pair you trade.

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This is basically premium forex software that can help you earn more. Some of the gains benefits of this program are-

◾Complete Forex market Education & Training program. There is option of group trading along with tailored education and personal attention for helping you generate higher profits. One to one mentoring is also an available option.

◾There is a 6 Module progressive Development course. Not only is the course very easy to understand and follow, but it sure contains in-depth information along with a lot of other information for trading better in forex.

◾You get access to Action Videos with Q&A and live trading details. There are trade signals available along with regular seminars being held from time to time for updating and upgrading your knowledge.

◾There are different kinds of forex indicators available that feature Automation Trading Tools. Using these indicators, you will be able to minimize the losses and enhance the gains.

◾You also gain with a specialized private fund Speculative trading system

◾Precise and accurate market analysis software


The only con here would be the fact that you have to devote some time to understanding and becoming accustomed to the functioning of this software. It is true that the entire process is not really tough, but a little patience will help you go a long way.

The bottom line

On the whole, this is a simplistic program by James Edward, which is dedicated towards a complete learning and profit earning experience. The Complete Currency Trader sure lives up to its name of providing what it claims. You will be generating profits on your merit, using the simple tools and modules that are provided by this software. Go ahead and enroll in this exclusive program if you are looking for elite education and sensible money earning options through Forex.

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