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Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn- How Good Is It?

Russ Horn is “The Name” in serious Forex Trading. He has also launched products previously that have helped individuals generate millions. You are surely all set to strike some gold here!

Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn has helped many investors to generate profitable trades. This is basically a system that is unlike anything you may have seen or even tried before. It is all about stripping the market down right to the essentials for creating custom-layered indicators that will generate profits. It is the perfect filter that you can use for pin-pointing some of the best trades.


If you are still dreaming, then let me tell you that it is all real. The Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn system simply makes use of the current market trends. It evaluates only the factors that have an impact on trade and is used for rendering the best results. So it can help you get what the outcome of a trade might be! If you are interested in earning some big bucks, continue to read on-

Forex Income Boss

For starters, you don’t have to simply make do with an instructional video that you barely understand. The Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn offers you a system that works on using 4 different kinds of currency pairs. It plays to the straight avenue of analyzing market profits and getting their customers an illustrated manual. This will help you get easier references, trade alert, cheat sheets and also personal access to Russ himself. Here is what you can expect-

Module 1 – 6 Instructional DVDs

Before the number of DVD’s overwhelms you, you should know that the video modules are a boon to understand the software application tools that can help you in firmly establishing a trade. The extensive training will help you simplify the learning process for building wealth. To get to the top of the program, it is vital to have an access to this limitless knowledge. The in-depth guide makes you use of different kinds of Forex strategies along with tips.


Module 2 – Manual

With the Trailer Trader you will be able to know the exit strategy even before you enter the trade. You will also learn about the 10 super-filtering indicators that will help you to learn different trends, modulators and lines, dots, etc.

Module 3 – Signal Automation Recognition Alert

The Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn comes with an additional Signal Automation Recognition Alert that helps you gain from Dynamic Positioning Indicator. This is basically an easy method of making serious money. Through this you can also learn to use the MetaTrader4 Platform to your fullest advantage. There is also an auto pilot system is a boon for those who are not skilled with many trading techniques. This is why you can use the automated system to get an idea about what you should do along with tips and suggestions.
Module 4 – Lifetime Membership and Handbook

Holds Lifetime Membership is also offered on the Forex Income Boss. There is a handbook written by Russ Horn himself that is based on teaching different kinds of Forex teaching methodologies. You get an access to the lifetime membership, which means that if you want a few months of break from trading, you can enjoy it.

Module 5 – Automated Currency Pairs

Using this tool, you also get an idea about using Forex Income Boss for currency pairs. This is a perfect option for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of judging or analyzing currency pairs on their own. The motto is being masterful at trading techniques using trading tool.

Module 6 – Trade Locator

Along with the above, you also get the trade locator and power currency meter that helps in making the process of trading relatively simpler. It can help you to directly determine which trades are profitable and if you should get into those. The strategy works on four different currency pairs.

Module 7 – Cheat Sheets

The cheat sheets come with DC bands that are the closest that you can come to predicting forex. So it is basically like a psychic software that has the ability to let you know where the range would probably happen between the two periods. It is the key to trigger of mechanism in Forex Income Boss.


Who is it for?

Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn can be used by anyone and everyone. This tool is filled with useful information that will get you bucks in your wallet. The program is apt for those who are looking for additional incomes, housewives or even for retired persons or for those who want to pursue a full time career in Forex. This is a high-performance tool that can be used for high-octane traders to generate crazy profits. So both novices and experts can make use of this trading tool!

Russ HornAbout the author

Russ Horn has been into forex for more than 10 years now. He has been analysing new tools and trends in the Forex market. He has worked in hedge funds, private equity groups and other trades too. With his expertise and learning he has emerged as a product forex strategy master. The author has been successful in making such software and the previous works like the Forex Strategy Master, Forex Master Method, and Forex Rebellion are a proof of it. He is a master-trader who has used his personal experience along with the no-nonsense attitude towards trading Forex for creating a unique tool.

The Pros:

• The Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn helps you to learn about making the right entries and exits. This saves you from encountering any major loss and it increases profits too.

• With automated updates and lifetime membership, you are literally sorted for all your Forex woes. The plans, seminars, online tutorials, etc. work as a great tool for learning the basics of Forex along with trading secrets.

• The start-up cost for trading here is relatively low, which means that your investments initially are very little.

• Extensive training and signal recognition alert system help you to get all the needed technical knowledge for acing Forex trading. You can earn big bucks with a completely illustrated manual, cheat sheets and personal access to Russ.

• Russ’s followers are a brigade of hard-core traders who leap on any and everything he does. With an access to the online community, you can also be in touch with other members.

• The best part of the Forex Income Boss is that you also get a 60 day money back guarantee. This refund policy is applicable for individuals who are not satisfied with the product. You can seek a refund from their official website. But do make sure that the product you order is genuine and not from a scam site.

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Coming to the cons it is true that some people want the easy way out with downloads. But the thing is that downloading software is not very effective. More than often, they are just fake or scams. With the Russ Horn Forex Income Boss, you can spend a lot of time going through the manual, but the information is so easy to absorb and carry out that you feel that the time is sure worth it!

The Bottom Line

Forex Income Boss by Russ Horn gives you a trading method that will help you make profits right from the start. Over the years your profits will only increase steadily because of the expertise you gain. These indicators keep on providing you more consistent results as time moves on. The techniques are easy to learn and implement. The profitable methods are not restricted to merely a temporary phase but are improvised with time to help you make more money. The author and creator of the Forex Income Boss By Russ Horn himself use the step-by-step techniques. So go ahead and give forex a shot and start making some extra money.

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