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Forex  MentorCan this really make you a Forex trader? Or simply another online trading education site to waste your time and money? What makes Forex Mentor special for Forex traders and beginners? Does it really work for everyone to become a Forex trader and you too? Find these simple answers from every angle you want to see…


Forex trading is a very popular and considered a risky money making business too. As far the Forex market is concerned, everyday more than 4 trillion dollars are transacted in this investment sector. So, there is no void reason that it will allure people more or less in some aspects. The question is does it really works for everyone? No, it does not work in same pace for everyone. Almost 95% of the Forex traders end up with losses in Forex market and the rest can make money and continue trading. Unless you have proper knowledge or you are a total beginner, you will be also one of those 95% people.


Who are behind FOREX MENTOR?Forex Mentor Live

We could end up with tools and webinars that Forex mentors bring for users. The most interesting part could be skipped in that way, if we did so. The most amazing part of Forexmentor is the people and thoughts behind it. Most of the Forex trading tutorials or education packages usually developed either by one person or by single expertise. Amazingly, Forexmentor is so different and significant in this aspect. There are 7 masterminds behind Forexmentor. All these persons are experienced and professional traders with specialization in different Forex sectors.

Peter BainPeter Bain is the Founder of who launched the program to introduce proper guidelines for beginners back in 2003. Peter learned trading in reputable trading houses and one of the top traders in the industry. He started ForexMentor after becoming alarmed that misinformation about Forex trading is ruining new traders investment and trading.

Vic NobleVic Noble is another person who is a successful trader himself and personal Forex coach at ForexMentor. Vic has been always a passionate Forex trader and coach with expertise on risk management.

Frank PaulFrank Paul is another Forex mentor who is well known for describing critical and complex fx topics in easier words. He recently published “Forex Master Blueprint” as part of his continuous Forex course and training development.

Shirley HudsonShirley Hudson is perhaps one of those ideal Forex mentor, whom you would love to know about. She is famous for her consistent accuracy with London close and recurring Forex pattern which she learned from ForexMentor too.

What comes for you money?

Well, as we mentioned, ForexMentor has multiple courses and suitable for everyone. These courses vary in their course materials or trading strategies. We are going to cover in brief, what the packages include beside the DVD tutorials and webinars.

The most prominent features that FX SystemsLab includes are-
-12 richly detailed and presented trading systems!
-Each system includes 12 narrated video trading examples !
-Trade system concepts guaranteed to expand your horizons and deepen your market understanding!
-Each system includes a written “cheat sheet” as well as scanning tools

One of the most attractive course, the London close trading (LCT) includes as below-

-The Theory behind the London Close Trade (LCT)
-The London Close Set Up
-Trade Entry Explained
-Setting the Stop Loss
-Profit Targets and Trade Management
-Setting Up Your Trading Day
-Tips & Tricks
-Questions and Answers
There are some other bonus resources also includes in the package.

The all-famous pattern trading course or Forexpattern by Vic Noble teaches the following-

-The basic tools and knowledge needed to trade these patterns, by practically using the tools
-How to find and trade these straight forward patterns successfully
-How to enter, exit and manage the 6 patterns with proper risk and trade management
-How to understand the overall market environment to improve your odds
-The proper psychological mind-set to win consistently

Who is it for?

CovertForexops always tries to bring the ins and outs of every trading education program, Forex software with a vision from users’ point of view.

In each program or product review, we ask the most valuable question from your side – how much is it appropriate for you? If you want to ask the same question, let us see the answer in every point.

ForexMentor has multiple programs with varied Forex trading strategies. This is a great advantage and opportunity for new traders to choose and learn Forex trading. Beside, the programs are also suitable for the traders already involved in trading. So, ForexMentor is suitable for everyone and you too, no matter you are total beginner or already involved in Forex trading.

The harsh truth is that Forex trading is very alluring as well as most vulnerable investment instrument. Forex is a big market and investing, trading in this market obviously needs some knowledge. If you are planning to become a Forex trader, ForexMentor can be a good choice for your overall guideline. It really can be your Forex mentor.


The Pros

  • Multiple Forex professionals in one place – The main advantage or feature that we want to mention is – availability of several Forex professionals in ForexMentor.There is hardly any Forex course or education system where you can directly meet the course mentor. In this aspect, deserves full credit to its potential.
  • A complete online course – ForexMentor is totally online course which is not like some other Forex trading education based on daily emails or webinars. You don’t have to wait for it in your desired learning hours. A full length course not with bunch of DVDs to spend hundreds of hours rather than spending those valuable hours in front of charts.
  • Each of the programs are designed to learn step by step. This made the programs easy to learn for everyone. Extensive and vividly described lessons from these Forex experts will help you to learn both about trading as well as market.


  • Choosing the right program – Multiple strategies may confuse a new trader to choose the most appropriate one for him/her. But if you already have some knowledge on Forex trading, it is more advantage than disadvantage. Since you can choose any strategy and it may involve similarity with your past trading strategy.


Bottom line

Forex trading is not new anymore, neither something limited to big investors only. If you have been planning to learn Forex trading, perhaps it is really time to start. Among thousands Forex educational programs, trading tutorials or signals for shortcut methods, at last there is one good mentoring program in the market. With so many programs for the Forex teaching purpose, ForexMentor courses are not waste of money in the end, where most other scam programs are so.

ForexMentor programs at least worthy for your money to learn trading and making some profit from Forex trading after the successful completion of the courses.

If you already decided to choose one of Forex Mentors programs,do not forget to follow all the guidelines and tutorials in your trading.


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