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There is only one German Binary Robot that has the potential of turning around your profits into more than double. All of this is made possible using an autopilot that gives you incredible performance and ease of use.

The makers of the German Binary Robot are insistent that you don’t pay first to gain from services that they are providing. For this, they have created a monthly trial offer where you do not need to provide any kind of credit card details or other similar information. It is a great opportunity to make money using the FREE trial and purchase the product using that money. In other words, German Binary Robot provides you with the means to make money in a short span of time, without much investment.

Today binary options are regarded as a lucrative method of making quick money on the web. And the idea is that if you have a computer with an internet connection, you can get started on making money. This is no scam or fake claim, but this is a sure shot method of helping you earn more! Read on to get more information…

Who is it for?

This web based software is perfect for beginners and even experts. It works for those who are retired, housewives basically anyone looking for additional income. It is also perfect for those looking to do binary trading full time. This 100% automated robot doesn’t include any kind of complication and you can start using it with ease.

Who is the author?

Norbert R. the renegade German Banker is the author of this software. He has expertise in the area and has been traveling all over the world, providing useful insights about the German Banker Secret trading strategy. Before launching this software, he has also launched tons of traders on the path to success by trading binary options. Over the last year, he has done intensive research along with getting online training on creating one of the most lucrative modes of trading binary options. He got emails from students who were trying to learn about Bollinger bands, stochastic indicators and along with other technical aspects of this mode of trading.Norbert Raffl

What do you get for your money?

If you choose to try this binary options module, you are can make money fast. If you are going for the complete package, which is worth $2400 then be assured that the same will be required very soon. You can opt for the one month trial, which will PROVE to you that within one month (i.e. before your trial period expires) you can easily grow a small account, of say $200, into over $2,000!

After analyzing more than 10,000 consecutive trades, it was concluded that the win percentage increases with every trade.

• 1st trade — 67.54%
• 2nd trade will give you 79.10%
• 3rd trade will give you 98.22%
• 4th trade — 99.79%

Remember that with binary options there are only two kinds of scenarios that exist. Basically a pre-defined event takes place where the buyer gets a fixed amount. If not, then the option expires and hence becomes worthless. But with this form of trade, the high profits are coupled with manageable losses. The thing is that the smallest of the market movements can produce interesting capital yields. Hence generation of profits over a short period becomes possible with the German Binary Robot software.

With the German Binary Robot here’s what you get-  German Binary Robot

Access the software

Basically, you can download their basic software for free and there is no obligation to buy. The same can be done from the official website. There is an option of demo money download available too, which is basically about $500 demo money and try the German Binary Robot. As your trial period is over, you can make use of the full version. The price is set by trade volume and starts at $297 to $2397 per month.

Installation and activation

The installation process is again self-explanatory and only takes a few minutes. The trade account features the Vault Options Finance, which is created in just a few steps. For those who need a proper trial, you can load the Vault Options Finance trading account with at least $200 or more. The entire process of depositing funds is secure and smooth. It can be done using any mode of payment that you prefer. The web based software doesn’t need any complicated procedure and works from your phone too, once you have access to the members area. The software uses the Bollinger Bands to provide you signals for trading better.

Start using

Once you have deposited funds, your software is ready to use immediately. As you get a signal on the page, you simply confirm the trade. With one click, the process commences. This system is completely automated and all that you need to do here is follow the signals. You no longer need to bet on the rising or falling prices or exchange rates of commodities or prices. The software provides you with this analytic evaluation over a foreseeable time period.

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• The software is 100% fully automated robot. It is not a mere signal tool or indicator but based on intensive analytical results. The broker is connected via API automatically trading for you!

• You can try out any of the two versions, which are non-paid and paid, depending on your requirement. Both these give you 100% access to ALL signals along with available currency pairs along with other software. They are identical in nature, no matter what option you choose.
• If you are using 200 € account while trading high probability signals, which are usually 90% or above, then you can earn about 600 € and 700 € per week.
• The robot functions on secure cloud hosted VPS, and there is no need to keep the computer on all the time. Only working the robot is sufficient.
• Other benefits here include a whopping CPA Model $250, maximum payouts, no refunds on what you make, $720 if customers buys full license and an Insane EPC $8.69 on Cold Traffic
• A complete step by step guide on following instructions and getting access to the members area is provided.norbert seminar


Truly speaking, finding even one disadvantage is rather tough because you are getting a free download of the software that is compatible with Windows and MAC computer, free demo account with demo money and an automatic search for binary signals! So you are actually losing nothing and simply gaining more!

The bottom line

For those who are looking for a medium to earn money, without losing anything, the German Binary Robot program is perfect. There is assistance available from professional brokers and traders, including the author himself. The best part is that the entire process is simple and the program is easy to access; you just need to give it a little bit of time to read and understand. The percentage profits are not affected by the changes in the current market trends, which makes it highly reliable. There is also the rewards and risk balance, which go hand in hand, thus reducing the chances of losses.

If you are frustrated of trying all of those so called ‘profit generating’ binary trading software programs that give no results, then give this a shot. You have nothing to lose! The FREE trial allows you to make money that you can use to purchase the paid version to enjoy even bigger profits.


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