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Trend Jumper for Forex: A Tool Apart?

Becoming your own boss, working from wherever you want and having the money to do anything is surely on the list of things a person desires. Making a killing in the forex market is just what the doctor ordered to make this a reality. The financial market is the place for people who want to make money and make it at their own convenience and make it fast. If you are looking to trade in forex your primary goal is to make a sound and steady profit. All this is promised by the newest system in the market which touts itself to be amongst the best Trend Jumper FX.

Trend Jumping: The basic idea

Trading has everything to do with information processing both into and out of the system. A 19th century famous billionaire banker and investor, Barron Rothschild was asked how he always seemed to invest in the right companies at the right time. His response to the question was surprisingly ‘carrier pigeons’. It was his way of obtaining information quicker than others. Moving on to the 20th century and one had to utilize telegrams or long distance phone calls for information. The digital age of today means information can travel almost at the speed of light.

With the huge amount of data and the hundreds of different parameters, which it is essential for decision making, it becomes very difficult to know correctly when to invest in a particular forex currency, latch on and then leave it just when the time is right. This is because currency tends follow a defined pattern until a financial, political or social factor causes them to change this pattern. This is why a great ‘trend jumper’ is all you really need to play it big in the market.

In order to analyze the data coming over from the forex markets and improve their performances, traders use certain tools. The major prerequisites of a good tool are:

• Identify and keep track of market trends and practices.

• Count pips.

• Help in formulating better strategies for currency investment.

What the Tool is about:

PTU’s Trend Jumper FX is one of the latest Forex trading tools available in the market today which promises to do just that and much more. It follows a one market, one pair, one strategy which makes it a very precise trading system.

It’s a low maintenance system which trades one of the highest volume forex pairs with a very low spread of only about 1-2 pips.

The interface provides a great deal of information in a short space with the help of intuitively designed candlestick charts. The trick is in seeing the trend in progress with this system rather than when it’s all over.

Trend lines are incredibly accurate and a reliable way to analyze the market situation and make profitable investments.

Sideways trend happens when prices tend to channel closely together and not break. When it’s happening one can see lines in parallel and horizontal pattern.Trend Jumper FX

The Target Audience: Who’s It For?

Premier Trading University has been created with the trader in mind. It gives the trader access to a range of courses and tools which are all designed to make your investment better. Their online courses and webinars are really popular as they allow you to attend and learn more about forex trading in different markets whether you are at home or at work.

Trend Jumper FX is their newest product and soon touted to be the best in the market. With the easy and intuitive learning curve presented by Premier Trading University this is ideal for anyone who wants to make steady and sound money in currency trading. It`s for both people who are just beginning to trade in the market or who already have a good few years of experience behind them.

PTU is for anyone who wants to take up trading seriously. If one has the right motivation they have the right product and information to help you in the trade.

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A bit of history behind the tool:

Premier Trading University was founded by Brian Short and Mark Soberman. They are the ones who where behind the development of the very popular NetPicks. Both of them have been involved with the development of learning materials and trading platforms for almost two decades now. With their extensive experience and knowledge of trading they have been hugely successful with their trading systems and courses. Premier Trading University is an ideal example of their success.


There are a lot of advantages to talk about that the system offers.

• A system which is made to be simple and the results are clearly reflected in every aspect of the platform. There is nothing new or extensive learning process here. This is in contrast to all the others available in the market today. This means the learning curve is quite small and hence can easily be used by beginners and experts alike. It allows access to continued winning knowledge without overloading the user with unnecessary bits and pieces of information.

  •   Follows a system which calls for one market, one pair and one strategy.
  •   Gives insider access to ‘ace in the hole’ currency pairs using their own tailor made trading strategy and pattern recognition.

A proven track record with some really great indicators:

  •   A legitimate winning success story of over 21 consecutive trades
  •   100+ pip potential profit.
  •   This year`s trades alone indicate a 90% profit rate.
  •  The trader is regularly updated with relevant information and indicators which allows them to make the most of their focused investment strategy.
  •   The information provided by the system would enable you to make those investments which would have been deemed too risky otherwise.
  •   The system is from the house of Premier Trading University which has years of experience and proven track record of developing legitimate good trading course materials and systems.


We humans by nature are skeptical. So when we get revolutionary product like Trend Jumper FX for free we tend to doubt it capabilities. It’s usually assumed to be a scam and with good measure too most of the products out there really are. But coming from such stalwarts in the business such as Brian Short and Mark Soberman who are behind Premier Trading University, Trend Jumper FX promises to be a legitimate system.

Also the website in itself does not seem to provide much information about the product at first glance. However, the idea behind this strategy seems genuine that in order to properly understand and appreciate the system one really needs to try it by themselves which would not be possible by reading information presented on a website. This is why they ask for an email address to which they deliver the system free of charge.

Our Conclusion:

The forex market today is one of the most profitable markets for anyone to cash in. It`s very easy to understand the market, provided you have access to the right tools and information. And to a major extent this is what Trend Jumper FX is all about. It provides you with proven, applicable information, which is sure to drive profits your way. And being made by the same people behind Premier Trading University and NetPicks one can be sure about its credibility.


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